Five Hand-forged copper spikes, but they're not really spikes
Try as I may, I just haven't figured out how to describe this one yet. It's a true Lily style! I started with copper wire and hand-forged these pieces. They are blacksmith art inspired, but I just don't know what to call them. I know that this piece is now my go-to necklace. It goes with everything and I wear it constantly. The chain is stainless steel ball chain with a standard ball closure. The mix of soft copper and hard steel makes me happy so I don't offer this on any other chain but you can remove the copper piece and put them on whatever you like if you see fit. Spikes are roughly 3 inches long and the chain is 18 inches. If you need a shorter chain please let me know. You have your choice of three finishes. First is no finish, unsealed, so that the copper will darken and tarnish on its own in its own way. The last two photos are unfinished. Photo 4 is newly forged and photo 1 is my own piece, worn several times and well traveled already. Next is a bright finish, hammered a bit more to create extra shine, and sealed to keep the shine. That's photo 2. Last, I can patinate the copper to make it look aged already. This starts with a bright finish, then the patina is painted on and buffed so no two pieces will ever look alike. I also seal this one so the visible copper will stay shiny. That's photo 3. Please specify which finish you would like when you order. Please remember that each piece is made to order, and hand made, so the pendant you receive will not be the exact ones pictured. Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks for made to order items.