Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Ring
Our Morgan Dollar Coin rings are hand forged from a vintage Morgan Silver Dollar. These double sided coin rings are available in Mens Ring Sizes 10 to 18. In 1876, Director of the Mint Henry Richard Linderman initiated a redesign of the nation's silver coins. He searched for "a first class die-sinker who would be willing to take the position of Assistant Engraver at the Mint at Philadelphia." Mr. George Morgan, was recommended and contracted to work at the Philadelphia Mint under Chief Engraver William Barber on a six-month trial basis. Morgan arrived in Philadelphia on October 9, 1876. To prepare for his task at hand he enrolled as a student at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Here he prepared to create a new Liberty head design. Morgan studied the bald eagle for the reverse design. and rather than the usual Greek–style female figures, he used Anna Willess Williams of Philadelphia as inspiration for Lady Liberty . Morgan had five sittings with Williams and declared her profile to be the most perfect he had seen. To make these beautiful rings we search for fine historical specimens so that the artistic detail stands out. The ring is forged in fire and is finished with a smoky patina to enhance the appearance of the artist's rendering. The entire ring is then polished and antiqued before a clear sealant is applied. Please be certain of your ring size when ordering, each item is made to order specifically for you. We will accommodate resizing at no cost but you will be responsible for the return shipment