Less is More Jewelry

Dainty Everyday Jewelry, Gemstone Bar Necklace, Gold Filled Jewelry

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Austin, TX
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Ha Le
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About Ha Le Less is morE Jewelry is the brainchild of artist/ jewelry designer Ha Le. Her artisanship started when Ha attended Ohio Wesleyan University, through traditional training in drawing, painting, and printmaking. After college, Ha took off to New York City, where she interned for successful independent female jewelry designers who inspired her to create her own handcrafted jewelry line called Less is morE. About Less is morE Less is morE Jewelry was born in February 2015 at Ha’s cozy home-studio in Austin. TX. It is modern jewelry line that takes inspiration from strong women, is handcrafted by talented female artisans, and aspires to be every woman's companion on her lifetime journey to beauty, empowerment, happiness, and peace of mind. "Less is morE" is Ha's core view of life, and also our brand's style and message: happiness and power can lie in the simplest things! Through our simple signature smile bar necklaces, we aims to inspire happiness, kindness, and serenity. A smile is the best outfit a woman can wear to influence the world with her positivity. Our tassel designs, on the other hand, symbolize success, achievement, and spiritual transition. It represents victory over hardships you are facing in your everyday life and tells you that your determination, dedication, and passion will pave the way for you through the bad times. Giving power to our jewelry are semi-precious gemstones that possess wonderful metaphysical and spiritual healing energy, for instance: pearl - faith, turquoise - balance, and moonstone - new beginning, hematite - grounding. The prettiest stones are the ones unpolished and rough cut, because just like women, their natural beauty is already mesmerizing.
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