Cypress Soap Dishes (Lot of 3)
Please read the entire ad before ordering, Thank you. This ad is for 3 handmade Cypress Soap Dishes. These soap dishes are perfect to keep your soap dry and long lasting. Handmade out of beautiful Cypress and oiled with all natural oils. Cypress is a wonderful water resistant wood, making it great for use in showers and other extremely moist conditions. Each one measures 4" x 2.5" (most standard bars of soap fit perfect). From a smoke free, pet free Eco-friendly workshop. *Picture for reference purposes only* colors may vary Our soap dishes are not stained, they are in their natural state and oiled with a natural vegetable oil. Due to the nature of wood there may be a reaction with your soap causing your soap to discolor. Be sure to place your soap dish to where it can drain properly into your sink. Avoid allowing it to sit in water as this may increase the reaction. note: this ad is for the soap dishes only, soap is not included.