Calavera Cutie
Now you can take a little piece of the dead with you everywhere and add a splash of color to your keys, purse, or backpack. Sugar Skulls have really boomed in popularity in the recent years, and for good reason. They are beautiful pieces of art. They are colorful and festive while also maintaining a certain edginess. It’s still a skull, just not too terrifying. The mix of macabre with bright colors and patterns really speaks to me and represent a part of my Mexican heritage. They are just beautiful and represent the departed souls of loved ones long gone. These little guys are sure to bring you little moments of happiness throughout your day, every time you look at them. They are the definition of a unique accessory. Each One is hand embroidered, so while you may pick one design, it might have something a little different from the one made right before it. This key-chain is hand-embroidered on white felt and black felt eyes and nose. The filling is 100% polyester Poly-Fil. It comes in two varieties: simple and floral. The main part of the keychain is attached by a piece of black ribbon to a 2” snake keychain. It is roughly 3" x 3".