Face Scrub, Honey Face Scrub, Organic Sugar Scrub, Sticky Sweet Face Scrub, Lavender Face Scrub, 4 ounce jar
Face Scrub made with Raw Honey and Organic Sugar, 4 ounce There are few experiences more pampering in life than a sweetly scented facial scrub! Each order of our Signature Sticky Sweet Face Scrub comes with 4 ounces of hand crafted product and a wooden Salt Spoon for easy scooping. This scrub works well for all skin types, but is especially beneficial if you have recurrent black heads because part of the base is organic honey (an ingredient that is well known for antimicrobial effects). Joining the delicious blend of honey and organic sugar, I lovingly mixed in Avocado Oil, Vitamin E oil, Lavender Oil and Lemon Oil before completing the product with dried lavender buds! Directions for Use: Store in a dry, cool place (and keep away from water). Remember this is an all-natural product, without any preservatives so make sure you avoid introducing water into the mixture to keep. Wet your face with warm water and scoop a small amount onto your spoon. Apply to your face using the pads of your fingers, massaging your forehead, cheeks, chin and tip of your nose in a circular pattern. Take your time. Breathe deeply and inhale the calming benefits of lavender and energizing effects of lemon. Avoid your nostrils, eyes and mouth. When your ritual is complete, wash away the product using a warm hand towel and enjoy your freshly buffed radiant skin! Please note, as this is a fresh product without any preservatives, it is best if used within six months of purchase.