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Coffee Sugar Scrub, 4 ounce jar LadyBugNaturalsLLC wants to help you start your morning right, and we have handcrafted a deliciously perky java sugar scrub just for you! We have combined the stimulating properties of freshly ground coffee with a dose of peppermint essential oil! This handmade sugar scrub is like your own personal peppermint latte for your skin. Each order of our organic body scrub includes a 4 ounce glass jar absolutely brimming with only the highest quality ingredients. Coffee is well known for being an excellent source of antioxidants, and when used as a sugar scrub it helps brighten skin, promotes circulation and (perhaps best of all!) helps reduce cellulite! As with all of our LadyBugNaturalsLLC signature sugar scrubs, you will receive a miniature wooden spoon for easy scooping! Simply scoop a little bit of our potent all natural body scrub and rub anywhere you need a little extra smoothing. Please avoid your eyes, nose, mouth and private parts however. You'll want to finish with a good scrub and rinse, as the coffee grounds tend to stick a little. Simply store your all natural body scrub in a cool dry place, and use as often as you would like!