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Peppermint Foot Scrub, 4oz jar If you like our Handmade Foot Cream, you will love our sister product, our Minty Fresh Foot Scrub! Each order includes 4 ounces of hand crafted all natural foot scrub with an adorable salt spoon that lets you scoop the perfect amount needed for individual foot treatments! Our foot scrub is made by hand mixing pure sea salt, sweet almond oil, peppermint and spearmint essential oils and a generous dollop of restorative honey! The combination of spearmint and peppermint will provide a deep cleansing of your feet, which you will feel as a beautiful wintery tingle spreads throughout your skin. The honey and almond oil combine to provide a nourishing and moisturizing aspect that completes this scrubs dual action purpose: Scrub away old and dry skin, and reveal glowing radiant skin underneath!