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Lavender Bubble Bath, 8 ounce Lavender is prized for its soothing qualities; it is simply the go to botanical for when you want to ease a troubled mind, and sink into deep relaxation. LadyBugNaturalsLLC knows that there are few things more calming than a bubble bath, and we wanted to create an all-natural alternative to the synthetic bubble bath's currently on the mainstream market. Our lavender bubble bath is made using organic and natural ingredients that are safe for adults and children. Scented with lavender essential oil, this lovely little potion will do just the trick after a trying day. We have tirelessly toiled away to find just the right balance of natural ingredients that will provide a slight texture to your bath with baby bubbles. Please note, because this is an all-natural product, we cannot compete with the sheer volume of synthetic bubbles, and that’s OK because we want purity in our products. While we might not have as many bubbles, we have a bath product that will nourish your skin and your mind. Each order of this handmade bubble bath includes an 8 ounce bottle. Our bottles are plastic, because this lavender bubble bath is meant for children and adults, so if it drops parents don’t need to worry about glass shards and little feet!