Be Mine Candy Heart Necklace - Valentine's Day, Conversation Heart, hand stamped, handstamped
This sweet little necklace is almost cute enough to eat! But I wouldn't - it's aluminum, not candy! This necklace is hand stamped on 5/8" hearts, with little candy heart phrases. They always were my favorite Valentine's Day candy! Choose from multiple colors and phrases! Details: -5/8" aluminum heart -silver, gold, black, red, green, blue, pink, or purple -block or handwritten font (shown on as you wish heart) -18" or 16" silver plated chain, or key ring The heart is made in the USA, too! Hand stamping is an art where each letter is hammered, individually, into the metal. Because of this, letters will not line up perfectly, and will vary in depth and thickness. These are not flaws, they are a part of the beauty of hand stamping :)