Knotted Up Kreations

Crafted with Love

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Nichols, SC
Owned By
Kimberly Cannon
Store Details
At Knotted Up Kreations, you will find bracelets, keychains, pet supplies, & more all made from paracord. We cater to every taste and every gender. We have items for the video gamers, comic lovers, sports fanatics, & much more. We hope you find something of your liking. If not, you can always send in a custom request. If there's a design you see, a charm you want, a color you like, we can make it! If you want a certain design that I do not already have listed, please send me a message. Unless otherwise noted, all of my items are made with Type III 550 cord - modeled after the US military issue 7 strand Kernmantle style 550 cord. This means you're purchasing items made with true 550 paracord.