Original art - The Forest Calls - monotype -printmaking by Joanna Posey
This monotype of trees in the forest is a one of a kind piece. I created this piece by inking an acetate plate carefully creating this image in waterbased ink using a variety of tools. After I finished inking the plate I carefully placed the printmaking paper over the plate and transferred the image from the plate to the paper using a tool called a barren. I grew up surrounded by trees and nature and feel a strong connection to the forest. The forest calls to any willing to listen. It speaks in the quiet tones of leaves rustling in the wind, birds softly calling, and animals nestling in for the night. It speaks of peace, healing, rest, growth. What does it speak to you? This is an original Monotype. It was created on YUPO paper with water based printmaking inks, and needs to be framed under glass to protect it from moisture. The piece measures 5" x 7 1/4" on paper that measures 8" x 10". It will ship in a large sturdy photo mailer. Let me know if you have any questions.