Clay jewelry dish, Ring dish, Trinket Dish Tropical Pattern No. 1
I formed these sweet little dishes by hand using polymer clay. No two are exactly alike. They measured in at approximately 3" across and 1/2" deep. The dish is wonderful for holding your precious ring, earrings, or necklace just before turning in for the night. It would make a lovely gift for a bridesmaid, housewarming, anniversary, mothers day, or birthday. This listing is for Tropical Dish No. 1 in this series. I sprinkled tiny faux opal inclusions that sparkle through-out the entire surface of the dish. The clay pattern I created was by using colorful fuchsia, bright pink and purple with small swirls of blue clay inclusions. Tropical Dish No. 1 also has the most color of the two Tropical dishes. I made only two dishes in the Tropical pattern. You will get the exact dish you see in the first picture. As always, your dish comes to you complimentary gift wrapped! Thank you for visiting. KLM