10US (4 Inches SHORT) DoublePointed Knitting Needles Bamboo
I searched the world over for these wonderful and especially short sized double-pointed knitting needles. They were very hard to find because of their short length. All of my Cup Cuddler patterns require and work best when knit with 4" length double-pointed knitting needles. I felt it was essential to provide a source for the proper tool for the job since there just weren't any others out there. And, I'm delighted to do so! This listing is for one high quality set of 5 bamboo double-pointed knitting needles in size 10US/6.0mm. They are 4 inches/10cm in length making them ideal for my Cup Cuddler knitting patterns. Their short length also makes them wonderful to use when knitting socks, mittens, and gloves, especially for all those individual finger sections. The surface of these lightweight bamboo knitting needles is very smooth, you'll find no freys on these guys. The bamboo content provides for warm knitting in cold winter months, too. Both metric size and US size are permanently marked on every needle by laser, which I absolutely love! Those letters just aren't coming off! Yay! By the way...isn't that price unbeatable? Totally! So, my friends, enjoy. As always, happy knitting! K.L.M.