Custom Chibi Amigurumi Doll
This listing is for a custom 8 inch knitted amigurumi. It can be any character you want! Before purchasing, please send me a private message describing all the details you would like your doll to have. A basic doll (male or female, knitted on clothes, hair, 4 limbs, and safety eyes) would be $25+shipping. Any extra details (ei: hats, scarves, glasses, a dress, etc) will cost a little extra. Suggestions: a humanized version of your favorite My Little Pony character, your favorite celebrity, your favorite cartoon/anime/manga character, your original character, your favorite Homestuck character... I'm willing to knit almost anything! :) WARNING: THIS PRODUCT HAS SAFETY EYES. It is not safe for a child 3 years or younger; the safety eyes may come loose and become a choking hazard. Made with acrylic yarn and polyester fiberfill. Comes from a smoke-free home. Made in the USA.