Hanukkah︱Kentucky Girl Candles
FRAGRANCE COMBINATION OF SWEET STRAWBERRY JELLY DONUT. Our candles are made with: *Hand poured, 100% natural, soy-blend wax in a 10oz white jar. *Cotton flat braid wick with paper filament. *Pine wood lid that is branded with our logo "KGC". *Our candles are all natural with no dyes. The season all about miracles! Hanukkah is a celebration of light and where families come together to enjoy long time traditions. TRADITION!!!!! Well, one popular treat served during Hanukkah is called Sufganiyot, which are jelly donuts. So what better way to have a holiday candle that celebrates this wonderful day that smells so delicious of a sweet strawberry jelly donut! Oh yeah!! Kids love them, Mom & Dads love them, the whole family loves them! You don't have to be a rich man to get these either! Happy Hanukkah to one and all from Kentucky Girl Candles! Hanukkah Sameach! *Soy-blend wax burns clean, long burn time and keeps strong fragrance throughout the whole burn time. *Burn time is approximately 50+ hours *Great for family rooms, living rooms or kitchens. FREE SHIPPING!! Items shipped within first 24 hours of order made. Excellent Customer Service! (you deal directly with the owner, who is me!) Proudly made in Meade County, Kentucky! Please feel free to contact us! Our email address is kentuckygirlcandles@yahoo.com Did we mention FREE SHIPPING??!!