Fulled Purse Handmade with Beaded Handles for just the essentials
This compact bag is all handmade, one of a kind and carries exactly what's needed. Fulled (knitted felting) fabric is very durable, resists soiling, liquid saturation and makes a wonderful insulator. Your chocolate might soften but it won't melt at the bottom of this bag! This bag was first knitted, color changes chosen as I went to organize into a unique landscape. After gusseting, it was then felted down into a dense fabric, blocked and dried. A custom lining was created and the handles were attached. This bag features Grayson E beaded handles (hard to find these days), 2 slot pockets and magnetic closure. It measures 8 in long x 3 in deep and 8 in tall. As shown in one of the photos, it can hold a small wallet, large sunglasses case, tin of hand lotion bar, lip balm, keys and phone (none of which come with the bag of course ;). Easy care: outside stains are rare but should they occur, rub off with water-soaked cloth and air dry. Occasional brushing will keep the fringe from matting. Your lining will wear out or come detached long before the outer body of the bag. I will replace/repair the lining it for you for the cost of the shipping for the life of the outer bag - which means as long as I'm alive, I will repair it!