Chunky Knit Cowl: handspun wool & mohair// hand dyed//knit neckwarmer with handcut wooden button
Using the always beautiful Ozark Handspun yarn, this cowl adds an easy touch of flair and warmth to any ensemble with it's cool hues of mint green and grey, neutral tan and copper metallic highlights. The button closure keeps your cowl securely in place, leaving you free to move. And the handcut button has a light green stain and polycoat to protect it in the rain. Short fringe adds panache but won't overtake your handbag if you decide to remove it while on the go. Ozark Handspun yarns are 65% mohair, 35% wool, many have metallic filament yarns plyed in. Care: handwash only. Do not soak long to prevent damage to the wooden button. Dry flat.