Hello! I am a one-woman army working diligently to create you items on a made-to-order basis. Because of the cost of materials and my time, I am only able to offer returns if the customer buys an item already listed in the store and even then, only if they pay return shipping. If it's a custom request not already listed in the store I cannot offer this option. Once an order has been placed, cancellations are not accepted in full unless no materials have been purchased. If it's requested, but materials HAVE been bought, then a refund will include all funds, less the price of them - receipts will be provided to verify costs. Unless otherwise stated, I reserve the right to photograph and use these pictures in future ads for new listings and to post them on my social media.

Payment Policy

I accept a variety of payment options

Shipping Policy

I aim to always ship within the noted delivery window on my ads, but sometimes life happens! If an item will be late for whatever reason (assuming it's within my realm to control) I will do my best to communicate the new timeline. If an item is in the postal service's hands I cannot do anything about this.

Refund & Exchange Policy

Refunds are only accepted in full if no materials have been purchased. If a refund is requested after they've been purchased, the refund will include the sell price of the item, less any transaction fees and material costs. If there's a desire to change the design of an item after work's begun, then any extra cost for materials will be invoiced to the buyer. Exchanges will only be accepted if buyer pays for return shipping cost, the price to re-list the item, and any extra materials to make the new item.

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