Winston - Overwatch Inspired Pillow
Winston is one of the heroes in Overwatch who possesses strength and intelligence beyond the capacity of most other creatures. He uses this knowledge to combat the injustice he faces. His colony of other genetically modified gorillas led a revolt and so he escaped to seek a better life. In this format he comes out as a roughly 12x12 inch pillow. His helmet-headband is made out of a pleather material and his entire back is just plan black plush faux fur. His has a painted mouth and nose unlike most of my other pillows. If you would like to have a Winston in a different skin than what I have here, just let me know! I'm more than willing to create a custom listing. Please note that as of right now this item is made to order and that the processing time includes only business days (Monday-Friday). Please note that these pillows are placed into the DECORATIVE pillow category for listing. Felt is not the softest material and I don't design my pillows to withstand to months and years of being sat on and squished and while they can be machine washed alone and on the gentle cycle, their life will be significantly extended if left as decoration or a plush on a shelf.