Prince Zuko - Avatar, The Last Airbender Inspired Pillow
Zuko starts out as the banished prince who has lost everything--his home, his family, and most importantly...his honor. When he lost a duel to his own father he was left with a burn across one half of his face and war banished to search, and capture, the Avatar before he would be allowed to return home. Please note that this order may feature either a medium brown or dark brown felt for the hair, based entirely on availability. If you’d like a specific shade just let me know! In this roughly 12x12 inch pillow he is shown wearing a traditional red and gold robe inspired by one of the many Fire Nation robes he wears throughout the series. His burn has stitched details to show the creases and folds of the mark. He is made entirely of felt, but if you'd like him to be wearing a different outfit or have a different hairstyle then feel free to ask! I'm always open to commissioning a custom piece. Please note that as of right now this item is made to order and that the processing time includes only business days (Monday-Friday).