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Reynoldsburg, OH
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Kaitlyn Moore
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Katannie started out as a legitimate joke. Annie and myself (Katie) were in college and the campus was hosting its first pop-culture convention called Bloomingcon. Naturally, being the eclectic artists we are, decided to have a booth. But what to call it? Yes, we are artists, no we are not smart people. "Why not just make it our names? Katie and Annie equals...Katannie?" I told her. Annie laughed. **Update, as of 4/18/2019** The previous collaboration of Katie/Annie/Lizzy on this main account has ended. Annie has chosen to open up her personal accounts under AririchuKiss to sell lolita and kawaii themed jewelry and accessories. She also opened a secondary personal account called TheRoamingHomeland for her Pagan themed and spiritual products. Any listings she had under Katannie were removed when she left and re-listed in either shop. Lizzy is soon to open up her own personal account under the name Puffyheart to sell kawaii plushies and resin charms and accessories. Any listings she had under Katannie will be removed when she leaves and re-listed in her personal shop. Katie will take full ownership of the Katannie store and its pillow and large-scale plush and custom doll listings. The link for it and shop name will remain the same (also on etsy). She also maintains the Instagram handle of katannie2014 to post WIPs.