Fruit of the Spirit bracelet with magnetic clasp
This is more than just a bracelet because of the meaning behind it. Each color on the bracelet coordinates with one of the fruits of the spirit from Galations 5:22-23. It's made with 3 mm Swarovski crystals, gold and silver seed beads, bead caps and glass pearls in red (love), gold (joy), white (peace), purple (patience), navy blue (kindness), peach (goodness), pink (faithfulness), silver (gentleness) and green (self-control). The clasp is magnetic--the strongest magnetic clasp I could find. It's strong enough that it doesn't need a safety chain. The only time the clasp has come undone is when taking off a heavy winter coat, so if you don't live in the frozen tundra, you have nothing to worry about! The size 6 1/2" would be perfect for a little girl. Included with the bracelet is a laminated card of Galations 5:22-23 (see photo). I also include a free handmade jewelry bag with every jewelry purchase. I don't charge for shipping within the 48 continental United States. If you live outside of that area, please message me and I can give you an estimate on shipping costs. Thanks for shopping.