Handmade book, bound in leather and wood, original block-print cover art.
This book has a hand-sewn traditional binding. The book is wrapped around the spine with calfskin. The boards are fine-grained thin plywood. The book opens easily, and the boards will provide a firm support for writing, or drawing, or doodling, or making things up as you go along. The book shown has black calfskin, but it is also available in a stressed tan/brown calfskin. An original relief print, from a linoleum block which I carved, has been printed on the cover. The green of the gingko leaves has been added by hand with acrylic paints. The binding is sewn on linen bands, and reinforced with a linen spine cloth ("super").The edges and corners of the wood have been sanded and slightly rounded. The wood has been stained with MinWax Special Walnut stain. The pages are sewn in snugly -- not with one or two, but with five stitches per signature -- and will not fall out or work loose. This book is a delight to look at, and to feel in your hands, and will be a delight to use. There is one very minor defect to this book: the page edges got very lightly spattered with some of the stain I used. Hey, maybe it's not a defect. Sort of gives it an old-timey foxed look. PAGE SIZE: 6 x 9 inches. NUMBER OF PAGES: 7 signatures, 32 pages each, 224 pages total. PAPER: Acid-free Strathmore 400 series 60-lb drawing paper. ENDPAPERS: Acid-free pale blue Canson pastel paper. GLUE: Hollander's archival PVA book adhesive. THREAD: Unwaxed dental floss -- archival and tough. WOOD: Fine-grained strong thin "doorskin" plywood. WOOD STAIN: Minwax Special Walnut wood stain. COVER ART: Original linocut, printed with Daniel Smith Traditional Traditional Black relief ink, and M. Graham acrylic paints BINDING CLOTH: Fine woven Belgian linen. LEATHER: Black cowhide SHIPPING: This book will be shipped USPS Priority Mail, in a Flat Rate box, snugly wrapped in bubble wrap.