Handmade book, bound in wood, with open stitching onto leather bands.
The binding of this book is hand-sewn, with page signatures stitched onto dark brown bomber-jacket goatskin leather bands, which wrap around and are glued to the wood cover boards. The bands have been given an old-timey kind of shape. Art Nouveau? Steampunk? I'm not sure. The boards are fine-grained thin plywood. The book opens easily and lays flat, and the boards will provide a firm support for writing, or drawing, or doodling, or making things up as you go along. The edges and corners of the wood have been sanded and slightly rounded. The wood has been stained with MinWax Special Walnut stain. I was going to varnish the boards, but I love the feel of the bare wood, so they are simply sanded down a bit with Emery paper. The pages are sewn in snugly, with three stitches per signature, and will not fall out or work loose. This book is a delight to look at, and to feel in your hands, and will be a delight to use. This book is READY TO SHIP. If I get your order before noon on a weekday, the book will ship that day; otherwise, the business day following. I ship USPS Priority Mail, and if the recipient is in the continental US, the books I ship usually reach their destinations in two to three days. The book you receive will look a little different from the book pictured here, due to natural variations in the wood and leather. PAGE SIZE: 5.5 x 7 inches. NUMBER OF PAGES: 6 signatures, 32 pages each, 192 pages total. PAPER: Acid-free Strathmore 400 series 60-lb drawing paper. ENDPAPERS: Acid-free grey Canson pastel paper. GLUE: Hollander's archival PVA book adhesive. THREAD: Nylon thread. WOOD: Fine-grained strong thin "doorskin" plywood. WOOD STAIN: Minwax Special Walnut wood stain. HEADBAND: Hollander's woven silk headband LEATHER: Dark brown calfskin