Handmade book bound in leather and wood
For the writer, or the doodler, in you -- or someone you know. This book is bound with a hand-sewn traditional Smyth-sewn binding: a stack of 9 plain booklets, 32 pages each, snugly sewn together to make a 288-page book. The binding is sewn on linen bands, reinforced with a linen spine cloth ("super"). The book is wrapped around the spine with black calfskin, with decorative raised bands. The boards are fine-grained thin plywood. The edges and corners of the wood have been sanded and slightly rounded. The wood has been stained and varnished. This book is a delight to look at, and to feel in your hands, and will be a delight to use. This book is **made to order**. It takes about a day to make, but the stain and varnish need a few days for drying/sanding/second coats. So the time between your order and ship day is 3 - 5 days. Because there are variations in wood and leather, the book you recieve will look a bit different from the book in the images. PAGE SIZE: 6 x 9 inches. NUMBER OF PAGES: 288. PAPER: Acid-free Strathmore 400 series 60-lb drawing paper. ENDPAPERS: Acid-free tan Canson pastel paper. GLUE: Hollander's archival PVA book adhesive. THREAD: Dental floss -- archival and tough. WOOD: Fine-grained strong thin "doorskin" plywood. LEATHER: Black calfskin. HEADBAND: Woven silk headband from Hollander's SHIPPING: This book will be shipped via USPS in a Flat Rate box, snugly wrapped in bubble wrap.