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I have loved books almost as long as I can remember. Not just reading them -- though I've done a lot of that -- but I have loved the *feel* of them, the smell of paper and ink, the sound of pages turning. I\'ve been repairing old and broken books, and making my own, since I was a kid, forty years or so ago. I\'m mostly self-taught. I am hard on my own books, so the books I make are designed to last. They all have traditional Smyth-sewn bindings. The pages will never fall out. The stitches are very snug, so that the pages will never become loose. I use archival materials: acid-free paper, leather, wood, Daniel Smith\'s Davy boards, Hollander\'s archival PVA book glue. The sewing is done with fine-filament nylon thread -- acid-free, and very tough. I have discovered that these books, once I make them, are hard to let go of. I just love to turn them in my hands this way and that, to feel the soft leather or the light strong wood of the covers, to turn the pages and feel how strong the binding is. But I have let go of them, to customers in the UK, Australia, Italy, Canada, China, Sweden -- and elsewhere. I hope that those who buy my books enjoy the look and feel of them, and enjoy the use of them, as much as I do.