Genuine Gold filled beaded bracelet
This delicate and modern bracelet features genuine gold-fill beads that are strung on durable silk cord. This is a simple piece of jewelry that makes a statement. Match it with any colorful outfit or piece of jewelry to accent it! -Gold fill beads are 2mm wide -Bracelet is adjustable to fit between a 6-9 inches Gold-fill looks the same as solid gold and can last for years or decades with proper care. Gold-fill is a great option for most people with sensitivities to cheaper metals. To keep the jewelry in its best shape-do not shower, swim or sleep in your jewelry. Keep all jewelry separately, best in airtight bags. Gemstones have varying hardness and harder ones might scratch softer stones. Found in most stores, jewelry polish pads for gold and silver are brilliant for cleaning. All photos are magnified to show detail. Please check the measurements if unsure! Thank you for taking the time to look over my creations!