Chef Knife, Chef's Knife, Gift For Chef, High Carbon Chef Knife
This hand forged chef knife and paring knife set are crafted for the professional. Designed to last for decades, they are fully handmade and forever warrantied. Hold this light, and wicked sharp blade in your hand once, and you will never want to put it down. ***IMPORTANT!! READ CAREFULLY!!*** YOU ARE PURCHASING A BUILT TO ORDER KNIFE. I DO NOT CARRY INVENTORY. EACH KNIFE BEGINS PRODUCTION ONCE THE ORDER IS RECEIVED. A 6-8 WEEK LEAD TIME IS NEEDED FOR THE HAND FORGING AND FINISHING WORK OF THE KNIFE. The Chef Knife is the universal go-to blade for home and commercial chefs the world over. It is by far one of the most important knives to have in your collection. The long edge of this blade makes it extremely efficient and versatile, and I have personally sharpened it to absolute perfection. I forge to a very thin thickness, and hand grind the blade to final flawlessness. If you only have one set of knifes in your kitchen, this is the one to have. I am a Bladesmith that hand forges every single one of my knives. Each is done individually, one at a time. The process I use is 1,000 years old, and still has never been improved upon. These knives can be counted as among the sharpest in the world. For a quick demonstration of how your finished blade will perform, please follow the link for a short video displaying JMG SteelWorks knife performance. Link: Forged out of 1095 High Carbon steel with a true, “zero” degree cutting bevel, these blades are insanely sharp with an extremely tough edge. I specifically designed and crafted these blades for commercial kitchen use. To be a work horse that does it job perfectly 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. The handle is made from rare cocobolo wood, finished in pure tung oil. This wood has natural oils and is extremely hard making it very durable for day in, day out use. It is pinned with solid brass pins, and glued with industrial epoxy. This handle will remain a part of its knife for the lifetime of the blade Because I hand make every blade, each one is a one-off original. This means that I can customize and change just about any aspect of this knife set to your liking. As long as the change does not significantly increase my cost to craft the blades or significantly increase the time to make them, I am open to any customization you may like. From grind, to shape, to handle materials, I can personalize these blades, just for you. Edge hardness will be 63 to 64 HRC. An extremely hard edge! Steel this hard is found in only the most expensive and high end knives. If you are a professional that requires a consistent and reliable workhorse, this is the set for you that will last you your entire career. If you are the home enthusiast that wants to never have to buy another chef knife again, this is the blade for you as well. As a craftsman, I create my knives for performance. As an artist, I make them to be beautiful as well. Owning one of my blades is an experience in itself. You are starting a legacy and purchasing a perfectly crafted tool to be passed down, from generation to generation. I ship worldwide. International buyers are responsible for all import fees, duties, vat, and/or customs charges.