Kamisori Straight Razor Comes Shave Ready, Perfect for Wet Shaving, Gift For Men
This is a hand forged Kamisori straight razor, sent shave ready. A wet shaving enthusiast go to razor and a perfect men’s gift, or barbers gift. Fully handmade, I create my razors one at a time, built to order. ***IMPORTANT!! READ CAREFULLY!!*** YOU ARE PURCHASING A BUILT TO ORDER STRAIGHT RAZOR. I DO NOT CARRY INVENTORY. EACH RAZOR BEGINS PRODUCTION ONCE THE ORDER IS RECEIVED. A 6-8 WEEK LEAD TIME IS NEEDED FOR THE HAND FORGING AND FINISHING WORK OF THE RAZOR. How do my razors shave? Check this quick video to see! Link: https://youtu.be/HSCa_VSMHvA I am a Bladesmith that does not compromise on quality. Every razor I make is individually hand forged. One at a time. With patience and attention to detail given at every step. Because I hand make every blade, each one is a one-off piece. This means that I can customize and change just about any aspect of this razor to your liking. As long as the change does not significantly increase my cost to craft the blade or significantly increase the time to make the blade, I am open to any customization you may like. From grind type, to shape, I can easily make changes to personalize this blade, just for you. This is a brand new Kamisori straight razor. Hand forged, and custom built, and is a five (5) layer steel. Built much like San Mai steel, (which is three layers) where the center layer becomes the edge, this steel is a bit different, and of a type not found very often, if ever. I have clad a high carbon core to a stainless steel outer jacket. The time and difficulty to accomplish this means that most Bladesmiths will not attempt this combination. To my knowledge, I am the only razor smith in the world building this type of razor. Details! The edge of the blade is high carbon, and tests at a 62-63 HRC. The spine is layered in stainless, and provides the blade with unmatched durability and protection. The stand is made of stainless steel from the same billet the blade is from and rare Ebony wood. The Ebony is finished with pure Tung Oil for a water proof seal. As a craftsman, I create my razors for performance. As an artist, I make them to be beautiful as well. Owning one of my razors is an experience in itself. You are starting a legacy and purchasing a perfectly crafted tool to be passed down, from generation to generation. There is no mass production here. These razors are bespoke. Completely hand made. Individual, non-duplicable, each one a single, personal masterpiece. Blade shown has a Square Point. You may select from Square, Round, French, Spanish, or Barber’s Notch during the purchasing process. To see examples of my types of tips, go to: https://www.jmgsteelworks.com/point-types-chart.html Also, blade shown has a Western Grind. You can choose from Western Grind, or traditional Kamisori Grind. The Kamisori Grind can be either left handed, or right handed. Blade size can be from 8/8 to 3/8 and selected during purchasing – 5/8 is the most popular size. The blade size pictured in this listing is an 8/8 razor, with a 3” blade. I Ship worldwide. International buyers are responsible for all import fees, duties, vat, and/or customs charges.