JMG Steel Works

Craftsman Knives & Razors. Handmade. With No Compromise.

Located In
Sacramento, CA
Owned By
John Glueck
Store Details
I dream. I innovate. I design. I strive to amaze. I am an independent, creative Bladesmith that looks beyond the confines of my tiny shop space to create craftsman quality razors and knives. Handmade, with no compromises, and driven with functional intent, I design, forge, and finish every single blade. Using only hand tools, along with a forge, hammer and anvil I personally create every blade, one at a time. I produce a maximum of three blades a week. No more than that. I patiently create every blade with a standard of excellence in workmanship and artistry that brings to life the steel under my care. I believe that the soul of the blade is born in the forge and its strength and beauty brought forth by the craftsman. I strive to be the craftsman that brings forth all the strength and beauty a blade can possess.