Jenco Cosmetics

Handcrafted Skin Care

Located In
Jonesborough, TN
Owned By
Jennifer Tittle
Store Details
Welcome to Jenco Cosmetics. We are a new kind of cosmetic company focused on the true source of beauty, you! We pride ourselves on being about more than just great products, but for standing for something as well. We believe that the true source of beauty comes, not from a bottle, but from within. Every one of our customers are beautiful, even before they use our products. We treat our products the same way. A pretty bottle is nice, but that doesn't tell you what's inside. So we give you more. Not only do we give you the pretty bottle, but you can be sure that it is filled with only the finest, most effective ingredients we can find. You can be sure that when you put on Jenco you're putting on the very best.