I live in Fort Collins, CO and have had an interest in graphics for close to 15 years now. It all started when I took a Graphic Design course during college on a band scholarship to satisfy a humanities credit requirement. My senior year in college I had a job where I scanned thousands upon thousands of slides. Many were old, discolored, screwed up, cracked, you name it. I made them pretty again by digitizing them with stone age versions of Photoshop (this was circa 2001 mind you). As far as crochet goes, I used to love watching my grandmother crochet when I was a kid. I remember briefly learning to chain stitch but quickly forgot. Fast forward to my 30s and I decided once again that I wanted to learn. Thanks to books and Youtube, I mustered up a few basic skills and went from there. My first wallet I made, like what is available in my shop, was masterminded out of random necessity. Once a few years ago my husband and I were headed to an all day rock concert festival. I wanted something smaller than my usual wallet to carry around my credit cards, driver’s license and a little spending cash. I whipped one up that morning before going and it worked great. I kept carrying it years past then and I’d have random strangers ask me about it often while checking out at places. I’ve applied some color principles from my design background to my crochet to bring you some awesome things. I’m always working with new combainations so check back often! Find me on the interwebs!

Payment Policy

I accept PayPal. I will ship your items upon receipt of payment, unless it is made to order. Please allow up to 3 business days for made to order items to ship. I will notify you if for any reason the time frame needs to be extended (ex. if I need to obtain materials to complete your order, or if I'm out of town/unable to ship, etc.)

Shipping Policy

I ship via USPS. Tracking information will be sent to you upon shipment. I no longer hold responsibility for packages once they leave my possession; the postal service then assumes responsibility for any damages.

Refund & Exchange Policy

I will only issue refunds for damaged and incorrect shipments- photo of item is required. I strive to be as accurate as possible with every order.

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