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it's just a hat

crocheted hats (mostly) with ears, because "grown-ups" deserve a little fun, too!

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Ham Lake, MN
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marcy darling
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Okay, like many parents of young children, I am *exhausted* by the time they retire for the evening. Because of this, I end up watching A LOT of television cuddled on the sofa with my baby daddy. And that makes me feel guilty. REALLY guilty. So I started making hats. And putting ears on them. And some people liked them, so I decided to sell them. And my guilty pleasure is how "it's just a hat" was born... I hope you enjoy your guilt free hat!!!! ** hats are made for (slightly whimsical) adults, but, as a nice side-effect, fit kids okay too... YOU CAN ALSO VISIT OTHER HATS - IN PERSON - AT THE SILVERWOOD PARK GIFT SHOP, 2500 COUNTY ROAD E, ST. ANTHONY, MN