Our policies are typically product or project dependent. A star Chart Scroll can take up to a week to complete while a photo print is typically shipped out next business day. A photography project starts with scheduling a consultation (which is free) and can several months to plan, design, and create the necessary costume, props, and accessories. STAR BOOKS- We do offer payment plans starting with a $60 non-refundable deposit. The deposit is put towards the purchase of any supplies we may need to start your book that we do not already have. If you ordered a new color of leather, for example. We understand that sometimes life is just life and really likes to smack you while you're down so all we ask as the minimum monthly payment is $5. However, because of the amount of work, the time spent researching, and the highly personal nature of the Star Books, work on your book will not begin until we receive your final payment. Unlike most products, a Star Book cannot be resold to another customer should you decide you no longer want it. It is as specific to you as your DNA. PHOTO SESSIONS- Two photo session policies that are essentially carved in stone: 1. We DO NOT sell or give out the unedited photos from a session 2. We are very selective regarding the wedding assignments we accept. This is simply because our style is not for everyone and we want to make sure our clients know exactly who and what they're getting when they hire us. PHOTO PRINTS- We mainly list 8 x 10 and 16 x 20, but if you'd like to have a different size all you have to do is message us. A smaller size is no problem while a larger one than a 16 x 20 will depend on the photo. We work hard to ensure that every photo meets our high standards so some will enlarge just fine, but some we may not feel will provide the best quality. We strive for honesty in everything we do and will inform you if we feel an enlargement may not pass our standards. We can still sell you the size if you truly want it (we won't flat out deny you) as long as you make a written acknowledgment that you understand that the quality may not be up to the photographer's standards and you were properly warned and thus no refunds. As we are an ever growing and adapting studio, our policies are bound to grow and adapt with us, but our main goal through it all will always be to maintain a connection with our clients, our models, and our collaborators. When we started up, we wanted to be honest, up-front, approachable, and just slightly unprofessional. Wait...what does that mean? Means instead of being stiff and informal, we're likely to joke around with you and greet you like family. Another thing we do differently? We own our mistakes and we fix them. We're human and we err. We put our hearts and souls into our craft, but things happen. When they do, we acknowledge them and we correct them. We will work with our clients to make sure they get the best and that means the best of us too.

Payment Policy

We accept: Debit/Credit-Visa, Mastercard, American Express Paypal

Shipping Policy

I typically ship through the United States Postal Service. I put tracking on all shipments and I will send you the tracking information. Most packages will arrive between within 3-5 days depending on weather conditions at the time. If you need faster delivery or delivery confirmation, please let me know when you place your order and I will do what I can to accommodate you. I offer free standard shipping, but due to the additional costs of the extra services, ordering them may incur a small additional fee.

Refund & Exchange Policy

I gladly accept refunds and exchanges on most products. There are exceptions. Contact me within: 14 days Ship item back within: 30 days Custom or personalized items cannot be refunded, but most can be exchanged or returned for a free one-time repair service. Whatever the product and whatever has happened, we will find a way to work with you. The only thing we don't cover is shipping damage. We package our products carefully and do everything we can to ensure they will be safe in transit, but once they leave our hands, we are no longer responsible for the state they arrive in. We'll still do what we can, but if it was one-of-a-kind for example there's not much more we can do besides offer you a replacement price-equivalent product. Digital downloads: all sales are final.

Other Policies

STAR BOOKS- Do come with a 6 month repair service. Simply send us a message and we'll arrange for you to send it back for repairs or even if it just needs some ink touch-ups. Something happens a couple weeks past the 6 month deadline? Don't you just hate it when that happens? Well, no worries! We offer a grace period too. You can still send it in. *This is meant for LIGHT repairs. Touching up the ink, maybe gluing a small section back, etc. If there is massive damage, we'll still take a look at it, but if it's beyond light repairs we may have to discuss other options.

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