I rock it! Studios

A Family owned art & photography studio

Located In
Kimberlin Height, TN
Owned By
Amanda Tucker
Store Details
We are a family run art & photography studio. We work in multiple mediums and we always have a project we're working on. We do accept custom orders so don't hesitate to message us! Each of our members have their strengths so we can make practically anything. Andy- Specializes in black & white photography prints, wildlife photography, practical effects for our photos sessions, and woodworking such such as shelves, memory boxes, and such. He's recently taken up resin casting and hope to his creations to our shop soon. Attending university for a Bachelor's in Art with a focus in Photography and Metal Fabrication. Amanda- Started out in jewelry and in High School won third place in the category of Creative Concept in Jewelry Design where my bracelet sat in the Knoxville Museum of Art for two weeks. From there I moved on to making stuffed bear & pillow sets, carved wooden wands, clay sculptures, and digital art. I do work in photography as well and recently took up making Star Chart Scrolls. Izak- Our son works more behind the scenes as an assistant, but he has been crucial to the success of both of our costumed photography sessions. He helped me make the costumes, the jewelry, the wigs, and more. He carries gear, takes notes, and speak with clients. At almost 10 years old, he knows what it takes to keep a session running smoothly. He's also in training as a backup photographer and even does some of his own nature-wildlife shoots. Piper- Our daughter works mainly as our model, but has creative talents of her own. She will soon be taking over the jewelry department, but she also does origami flower arrangements, crochet hats, and assists in the scroll making process. Not one to be left out, she works in photography as well.
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