Stained Glass Poinsettia Vase/Candleholder, mosaic poinsettia candle holder
This is a recycled glass vase that I made into stained glass vase or candle holder. I made an abstract poinsettia designs on every side of this vase/candleholder using a variety of red, green and gold stained glass pieces. Each stained glass piece is hand cut, glued to a recycled rectangular glass vase, grouted very dark green grout and sealed for moisture protection. Before grout dried out, I sprinkled a little glitter to give an extra sparkle to this festive mosaic Holiday design. This vase is a beautiful table centerpiece with flowers, and when you light a couple of tealight candles inside, it becomes a stunning stained glass poinsettia display; The unique textured stained glass pieces are all transparent with different shades of greens and reds. Size: 6.25" (tall) x 5" x 3.25"