Irish beard balm Lavender  2 ounce tin
For a complete list of all my products including beard combs, brushes t-shirts, and stickers, please visit our website Irish beard balm is a special blend of Coconut oil, Sweet almond oil, Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Hemp oil, and Bees wax. All products that go into Irish beard balm are made with natural ingredients that are GMO-free. I use no chemicals or preservatives in my product. To see my organic certifications please go to You may have noticed that unlike every other beard balm on the market, I do not use coco or shea butter. These kinds of butter are normally used to thicken balms but they also leave your beard feeling heavy and they can build up over time. After extensive trial and error, I found a way to make a balm that does not use any kinds of butter which leave my beard feeling light. The Lavender oil used in this Irish beard balm is very subtle but noticeable. The fragrance is very fresh, slightly spicy, herbaceous, and floral. My wife convinced me to make a balm using this fragrance, I rebuffed her at first but after trying it for a while, I have grown to love the smell. She loves to snuggle up to my beard at night because she says the smell is relaxing and helps her sleep. So that's a bonus I guess. This 2-ounce tin should last a month depending on the size of your beard. Remember as with any new product, test on a small insensitive part of your body to gauge for any adverse reactions.