White Cone Shell Necklace
Did someone just say Caribbean cruise? Or Christmas in Hawaii? For sure you'll want to have this gorgeous white Cone shell necklace/choker to set off any color of sundress! Looks fabulous with a tan. Made of graduated Cone sea shells (which do have a thin protective coating), nothing says, "Let's do cocktails on the beach!" like this beautiful pearly white necklace. Sometimes mother nature creates such beautiful things that anything else next to them is just clutter. I used SoftFlex 49 strand nylon coated wire, and a few mother-of pearl beads next to the toggle clasp for easy fastening. The toggle is silver plated, and is one of my favorites. In length the necklace is a bit more than 16" due to the thickness of the shells. The diameter of the largest shells toward the front is 20-22mm, and the smallest of the shells toward the back is 14mm. Weighs 6 oz. I had fun making it - made me think of walking down a colorful cobblestone street while perusing local markets, or dining on fresh seafood. And now it's available for you! Your new treasure will arrive nicely packaged and ready for gift-gifing.