Mystery Dzi Agate Bracelet
Dzi agate stone with textured designs, complimented with Tiger eye stone and Black-lipped shell. I wish I could tell you what Dzi design is on this agate, but it IS strange! Kind of a cross between geometric and floral. I've never seen one like this. There are 4 nuggets of Tiger eye, 2 black Lava stones and 4 antique copper spacers on this unique bracelet, and the rest is shiny penshell heishi shell. I used stretchy Gossamer floss 0.45mm diameter. I double the floss for added strength, and use a quadruple square knot that is glued. You can use your essential oils on the Lava diffuser stone. This is definitely a one of a kind, one time deal bracelet, whose carvings could occupy one for hours trying to decipher them. Very handsome piece. Your new treasure will arrive nicely packaged and ready for gift giving.