Unbreakable Heart Pewter Pendant
"Green Girl" Copper over high-quality pewter pendant on black Sari Silk ribbon. Green Girl is an American-made product. The minute I read the inscription of "UN-BREAKABLE" on this rustic copper pendant, I knew it was for women who support the "Me Too" movement. In fact, it was the same day - during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing at which Christine Blasey Ford had to testify - that I first saw this copper heart. So I have created this necklace in mind, as a statement, for people who support the "Me Too" movement. The silver plated beads are high-quality lead & nickle-free pewter underneathe. The copper spacers are from India. I did not fasten down the spacer beads - please notice photo #4 where the spacers are arranged altogether. This is so you can adjust/arrange them as you like. Also if you use the 2"extension chain you may need to re-center the beads. Your new treasure will arrive nicely packaged and ready for gift-giving.