Inner Light Botanicals

100% Natural Skincare + Rituals for the Earth- & Energy- conscious.

Located In
Lancaster, PA
Owned By
Mandee Metzger
Store Details
My name is Mandee and I’m always following my curiosity. I do things because I’m curious and want to learn more. I also do things because I feel into things with my heart and if my heart says yes and my mind says anything other than that, I do it. That’s what led me to become a yoga teacher, which led me to become a lot of other holistic things, like a crystal healer, reiki and ayurveda practitioner. And that later helped me create Inner Light Botanicals which is a natural skincare company for the earth- and energy- conscious that isn’t just about skincare but a whole lot of other holistic happy things on a mission to support mental health awareness by helping people like us sloowww down, be mindful, and know that it’s okay to feel things. Follow my journey here: @innerlightbotanicals on Instagram and Inner Light Botanicals on Facebook. :) ↡ Join our Tribe! ♡ (