14" Ganesha Wood Relief Carving
Material: Natural Cherry Hardwood Height: 14" Width: 10" Depth: 2" Weight: 2-3 lbs These are made to order since they take some time to get right. It can be set up against an altar, a fireplace, a desk, or even hung up against the wall. In any case it will fit wonderfully into any kind of household, especially those that are spiritual. Regardless of your faith, this idol can serve as a representation of wonderful things in your home. What originally was a one time gift for my mother turned into something I wanted to share with others since it passed her standards of quality. Because one of the various monikers of Lord Ganesha is the "God of New Beginnings", I figured this was the perfect project for me to start with more advanced carving and machining. My focus was on quality for this one. I wanted to make something that was simple and got the essence of Ganesha across, but at the same time was beautiful and stunning to behold. This idol in person is much more amazing and substantial than the pictures can share, and has a weight to it that cheap plastic or mass manufactured materials cannot possibly mimic. It was a lesson in patience and right effort since the process was something that couldn't be rushed (and it certainly felt like many obstacles were indeed destroyed along the way). Since Ganesha is essentially the divine representation of beauty, art, reason, science, and all things related to higher human thought and function, it was a joy for me to give the proper attention and care necessary to bring about this piece. The only thing I ask of the buyers is to remember what this idol stands for: New Beginnings, Wisdom, Art, Beauty, Reason, and Removal of Obstacles. Take these to heart and use this idol as a reminder of those qualities. In the end it is a "piece of wood", but I'd like to invite you to see beyond that and try to adopt those qualities that it represents into your lives. Please allow 1-2 weeks for creating and shipping. I am also open for additional requests regarding size, color, and material. Please contact me if you are interested in a more custom design.