Hi, My name is Melissa. Here you will find that I sell a wide variety of toys. I love to crochet and its comforting and relaxing. I enjoy making these toys for my customers because it brings them laughter and happiness. I started this a couple of years ago just to see what it would be like, I had no idea that it would be FANTASTIC. It has brought in a great income to help support me and my family. I receive great ideas from customers who will email me daily "can you make this for me?" "oh this is a great idea can you do this" I will sit down and with a ball of yarn there I go.... and voila. If you can't find what you are looking for just click on the "request custom item" and let me create a special item just for you.

Payment Policy

I accept PayPal which accepts all major credit cards. There is no need for a PayPal account to make a purchase with your credit or debit card. If you have any concerns or questions please click on contact me then seller by email, and I will be glad to help and walk you through the payment process. Canceled Order/Sale/Transaction or Non-Payment of an Order.. I do understand that life does take some twists and turns and sometimes a problem may happen where you are unable to make a payment on an order. Just simply send me a friendly email, that way I will know about the situation and I will be able to assist you in anyway I can. When your order has been received and noted through my records I usually send a reminder email with detailed instructions on how you can make your payment. On 2nd or 3rd day I will send another email request with invoice from PayPal. If I do not hear anything by the 3rd day, and I haven't received payment or a reply from you (the buyer). I will then be forced cancel the transaction, relist, and leave the appropriate feedback. I do not like to take this action so please reply or pay in a timely manner.

Shipping Policy

I do use at times recycled materials when I ship the items I make. I make sure they are clean and are safe to ship. The reason for this is to cut costs of shipping and prices not to be raised. It also helps the environment to keep it cleaner and greener. However there are some that wish to not use recycled materials if you do not wish me to go this route please let me know before I ship out or at the end of your purchase. It will save us both a lot of grief. Thanks ** I WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY CHRISTMAS ORDERS AFTER THE 11TH OF DECEMBER TO ENSURE THE DELIVERY OF ANY ITEMS THAT ARE PURCHASED FOR GIFTS.** If purchases are made after that date I cannot ensure prompt delivery in time for the holiday. Please see here for information on shipping dates... I only ship my items USPS postal service. My prices are calculated for Priority for the United States and First Class shipping for all international shipments.The items that are heavy and using a flat rate mailer will ship Priority mail. All of my costs for shipping are figured into the prices for materials, postage, gas, and packaging. If, even that "this" may occur that some shipping fees will be more expensive than others. In this case I will be sending a revised invoice for the additional costs of this action. This mostly applies to international shipping. I do try to be fair and reasonable on most prices but there are some countries that require to pay a little extra. When mailing to APO address please notify me before shipping your order. There are special precautions I need to take in order to ship to these types of addresses. I usually ship USPS priority mail for this situation. It is your responsibility as the buyer to notify me of this need. I work on a made to order business. When you place an order please allow about 3-5 days for your order to be completed. Then the item will be shipped to you in a prompt manner. Custom orders take anywhere from 3-5 days or 5-10 days depending on the high order volume at the time. This usually isn't a problem but I will send an email if needed if this may occur. Please be advised that we are all human and we all have lives that require much attention, If anything is to happen and your order will not be able to ship out on time I will email to keep contact and to notify you of this shipment change. Refunds and Exchanges

Refund & Exchange Policy

PLEASE CONTACT ME BY EMAIL OR PHONE BEFORE FILING A CLAIM THROUGH PAY PAL. This will help the process go faster and smoother if you contact me and work out the details. I am considered a reasonable person and I do my best to make the shop listings as accurate as possible. So please take the extra step to read over the listing before you make your special purchase. If there is any problem please contact me within 3-5 days after you receive your item, and I will do my best to get back in touch with you to solve the problem at hand.

Other Policies

Please be advised most of the items in this shop are "made to order" so a little time and extra care may be needed to make your new creation due to the fact I don't have ready made items on hand. I do have "One of a Kind" items that are handmade and are ready to ship out. So please have some understanding that this process may take a little time see shipping policies to have more detail of time frame to receive your item. Also each item that is created within my shop is handmade in a smoke free environment also made with the best quality materials found. I work very hard to provide the best products to my customers. If there are any requests concerns please send me a message personally through email. Thank you for purchasing your new items and I will do the best I can for prompt service. FAQ'S: 1. What types of yarn are used? I use mostly acrylic yarns, but if there is a special type of yarn requested that should be used for an item. I have no problem at all using it. There are some yarns people and I myself are allergic to. I take special precautions if I have to use those types of yarns such as.... mohair yarns some wool like yarns 2. Is gift wrapping available? Yes! I gift wrap items upon request of the buyer at no additional charge. So don't be afraid to ask for gift wrapping. :) 3. What if I decide that I don't want the item to be the color it is in the listing? This is just fine.. I work on a made to order process and this means when your order is completed and paid for I will make the item just how you would want the item to be made. If you want a blue turtle with a yellow shell or vise versa I will make this item at no additional charge. Just be sure to type this note in the "note to seller" at end of your purchase or just email me with the specific details and I will assist you anyway I can. 4. What if you have a item for sale but I would like that item to be smaller or larger? This is not a problem, but it will require a different listing. Please read the rules on my custom orders section. I can make the order and have it ready when needed. Be advised that the price from the smaller/larger item will differ from original. Please also be advised that I do work on a first come first serve basis and the order will be placed next in line to be completed. © Copyright ----------------- All products, descriptions, and images are the sole property of All Thangs Dot Com and can not be used or altered with out our expressed written consent.

Contact Information

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