Teal Leopard Spot Incense Burner Whiskey Jug
This incense bottle is perfect for burning your favorite incense sticks! Hand painted whiskey bottle with beautiful teal and black leopard spots. Smoke slowly releases from the top of the bottle and smoke hypnotically swirls around the bottle. The bottle catches all the ash from your incense. The bottle will eventually become a different color permanently even with washing. Cleaning is very simple! Hand wash only! To clean the inside of the bottle from incense scent, simply swish a little bleach and water throughout and dump. Be careful not to get the bleach on the paint. Bleach is for inside of the bottle cleaning only! Please use caution with the bottom of the glass! Fallen ashes may cause the bottom of the bottle to get hot! *All incense bottles come with key ring to keep your incense floating at the top of the bottle for easy replacement and cleaning.