Fly, Fly, Dragonfly Earrings
EARRING ATTITUDE: unique, nature-inspired, nostalgic I must confess: I have a fascination with dragonflies as this is my 3rd earring design that is insect-inspired. I suppose it's because the earliest and happiest memory is catching dragonflies in the Korean countryside with my mother. She would catch them with such ease and with bare hands. We spent many a hours comparing the differences between one dragonfly to another. Story aside, I must confess I went crazy with these earrings. I felt an instant connection with I laid my sights on the big dragonfly metal beads and was determined to incorporate into earrings that made sense. So, I present to you the end product. Hand-made from gold-colored copper wire (including the ear wire) with Swarovski crystals of two sizes, dragonfly metal bead, gold-colored metal beads of two sizes, and a huge dragonfly decorative bead. Measures 9 cm from top of earwire to tip of earring Earrings will be delivered in a decorative gift pillow box with the shop logo, "iAMattitude"