World on its Axis Earrings
EARRING ATTITUDE: earthy, organic, says "the world is at my finger--eh--ear tips", cultured These earrings are simple in basis and straight-forward in meaning: the world on its axis. Just a simple tilt on an imaginary plane is what permits our planet to have temporal differences in weather and environment. I'm sure that are other influential factors - I'm no scientist - but it does lend to an interesting jewelry concept. Ideal for those who find no thrill in gems and precious metals, but instead in the overall message of the symbolism. You have to admit, you don't find earrings like this in the jewelry section at Walmart. Hand-made from brass-colored copper wire (including the ear wire) with large turquoise beads and brass-colored metal beads. Measures about 7 cm from top of earwire to tip of dangle. Earrings will be delivered in a decorative gift pillow box with the shop logo, "iAMattitude"