Blue Orb Fringe Earrings (poetry-inspired)
EARRING ATTITUDE - celestial, auspicious, says "my aura resonates with the music of the spheres" Inspired by the poem "Music of Spheres" by Jean Follain, these earrings are a depiction of planetary body and its shadow leaving a trail of astral debris. If you're ever in a peaceful place on a still night looking up at the sky, you notice a sense of harmony with silent illumination of the universe with the unseen resonance of nature. The stirring of the trees, the whistling of the crickets, the reflection of moonlight on a body of water... all this under a bed of stars which seem still to us, but rings with the same laws of physics that govern life on earth. It can be an inspirational revelation. Hand-made from silver-plated wire (including the ear wire), wrapped with seed beads and followed by a fringe of seed and bugle beads. Measures 10.5 cm from top of ear wire to tip of longest fringe. Earrings will be delivered in a decorative gift pillow box with the shop logo, "iAMattitude"