Wind & Rain Earrings - Ideal for Bridal or Bridesmaid Wear
EARRING ATTITUDE: elegant, graceful, ethereal, sensual Inspired from nature, these earrings symbolize the relationship between wind and rain: the wind represented by the spiral bejeweled with beads and the rain represented by the pearl teardrop dangle. These earrings embody a simple elegance exemplified best by the mercurial whims of our mother planet. This is depiction of one of her better moods. Simple and elegant, these earrings are ideal for matrimonial and romantic events. Hand-made from silver-plated wire (including the ear wire) with faux pearls, sterling silver beads, german-style silver plated wire, silver chain, bead caps and twisted jump rings. Measures 9.5 cm from top of earwire to tip of teardrop dangle. Earrings will be delivered in a decorative gift pillow box with the shop logo, "iAMattitude"