Autumn Song Earrings - Tri-lobal Filigree, Boho-Inspired
EARRING ATTITUDE: rustic, earthy, boho-chic, says "i run by my own rhythm" These earrings don't fit in a specific genre or category. There is no one word that covers the essence and energy that they emanate. Bohemian? Gypsy? Free-spirited? Non-conforming? The word that fits best is UNIQUE, which is every one individual human being. Wear them with confidence because the one thing these earrings ain't is boring. Handmade from copper wire (including ear wire) hammered with care, copper- and bronze-toned beads, Swarovski crystals, and seed beads. Measures 7.5 cm from top of earwire to bottom of dangle. Earrings will be delivered either in a decorative pillow gift box or jewelry bag made from organic material, tagged with the shop logo "iAMattitude".